Comment on A Collision of 3D Printing Terminology? by [email protected]

Here is another use of “volumetric” to watch out for…Voxels. As many readers may know, voxels are 3-dimensional pixels or cells. I know technology related to HP-MJF (not actually controllable at this time) and Stratasys Polyjet (and other droplet techs) use the terms (I’m sure others do to). Of course these have nothing to do with your investigation into volume based cure/print/melt…
That said, most of the new volumetric systems you are investigating are not “real” volume systems. They sweep multiple 2D planes through a volume without laying out layers of material. So…are they just really efficient/fast full plane printing systems? Should there even be a distinction when the 2D sweep happens in milliseconds? Are those that use true 3D interference/accumulation, any different the a very fast sweep?
Do any of these comments/questions even matter?
It is all awesome any way you look!