Comment on Are Auto-Unloading 3D Printers Truly Desirable? by [email protected]

One issue may be the changing requirements. Continuous may work well if you’re doing a lot of similar parts, continuously (but in that case, it’s still worthwhile to evaluate other approaches).

But for short run production, how many parts need the same setup? E.g. for FFF printers, filament type (PLA/PET/PETG/Nylon/PEEK/etc), filament variations (color, addons such as carbon fiber), support material (best choice varies with filament type), and build plate (again, best choice varies with filament type and desired surface finish (e.g. Prusa powder coated vs smooth PEI).

The continuous belt printers seem set up for continuous production of PLA parts in a standard color. The Tiertime approach could be more flexible, since you could load different types of build plates.