Comment on Mimaki’s New Large-Scale 3D Printer by [email protected]

Looks like Mimaki has rebranded the Massivit 1800. Don’t know if it is the Pro model. If the sky hadn’t fallen this would have been a great companion printer to their 3DUJ-553. The Massivit founders come from the large and grand format print industry, primarily Scitex. Mimaki is a leader in that space. These two printers are marketed to this industry as sort of a “gateway drug” to move people from digital 2D printing to 3D.

We have both the Massivit 1800Pro and a Mimaki 3DUJ-553 and they are both extraordinary pieces of kit. The 1800 will print very large very fast and the 553 prints in 10,000,000 colors in incredibly fine, one might say photorealistic, detail.

Mimaki should have good success with this combo once the world gets back to normal.