Comment on 4 Things We’re Learning About 3D Printing From The Crisis by [email protected]

Hi… I agree more info is needed about the more complex parts that are needed.(respirators) However, the face shields should be no problem. After I viewed this video ( )
I realized that official standards are not so important as something that works. In the vid a nurse was given one
of the 3DVerkstan Face Shield Model ( ) and she loved it. These only take 35 minutes to print, there is no elastic needed, and the face shield itself is available on Amazon for 35 Cents apiece. A single
hand punch or a desktop 3 holer can be used as well as simple scissors to cut the corner radius. Are they perfect? No. Will they protect the wearer from sneezes, coughs and blood droplets? Yes. And they are cheap enough that they could be disposed of after being exposed to body fluids. The Verkstan folks even provide the pattern for the transparency cuts. Bottom line is: something that works and is in hand, is much better than a more durable item that may not even be available, and certainly better than nothing.