3DPOD Episode 25: Velo3D, Knust-Godwin, and 3D printing in the Oil & Gas industry

This episode of the 3DPod is one without me in it. I had to miss this one since I was getting evacuated from Ecuador, exciting times. Instead of me, you got a bunch of good people though. Max hosted together with 3DPrint.com’s own Michael Molitch-Hou. Today the subject was very specific about Velo3D metal 3D printing. Velo3D can now make 1m tall parts with a new updated Velo3D system . The new Velo system can now 3D print much taller parts than we are used to in DMLS. Mike Corliss is from Knust-Godwin a Houston based precision manufacturing company that’s been using 3D printing for over 8 years to make metal parts for the oil and gas industry. What will they do with their new capabilities? What does it mean for oil and gas to be able to 3D print larger metal parts? Why is it important to them? We hope that you enjoy this episode.

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